Provezza Laboratories’ elderberry formula uses only carefully selected elderberries from ancient farms in Europe which we extract and concentrate into a delicious syrup for daily consumption. Our elderberries are carefully extracted with precision in Italy and tested and bottled in the USA.  We add zinc in our formula to enhance immune support.


Lisa Scarinci, former model and healthy lifestyle expert

Coming from a traditional Italian family, every day we remind each other La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful).  No one in my family wants to miss out on a day of work or play, especially due to illness.

To stay healthy, my grandparents constantly reminded us about all the nutritious foods and herbs they consumed in Sicily, which is home to some of the oldest people in the world.  Because of my strong personal commitment to wholistic care and a natural lifestyle, I have extensively researched hundreds of natural remedies and the benefits of certain plants on everyday health. In my studies, I became fascinated with a medicinal plant that has been used for thousands of years… Elderberry.

When you buy a bottle of PROVEZZA, you can feel confident that we have conducted extensive research based on science to bring you an excellent product to support your immune health.*

From my family to yours:  Salute!  To good health!

– Lisa

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