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I’ve been taking elderberry supplements to boost my immune system for quite a while now. Recently got turned in to this Provezza elderberry syrup and have to say it’s delicious tasting and goes down very easy! These days it’s nice to know there’s a product out there that has you covered.


This has been my favorite elderberry yet it’s delicious I want to drink the whole bottle in one sitting . My kids are non stop sick so keeping myself protected so I can help them is amazing I swear this has been protecting me


Was fighting a lingering cold/cough and this product was recommended, within a few days I was noticeably better. It tastes great, uses high quality ingredients and effective. I recommend to all.


Love the natural aspects of this Elderberry. So many out there have bad sugar and very low percentage of real Elderberry in them.💕 keeps me healthy 😀


I have tried many of the elderberry syrups out on the market and haven't been able to find one that my whole family enjoys until NOW! The kids, husband and I all love this product and the ingredients are top notch. To top it off we are all feeling SO much better since we started taking it, little to no sicknesses in my household! Thank you for making such a great product :)


My entire house came down with a bad cold including my 2 young kids. I took Provezza Elderberry syrup daily. The syrup is so thick and delicious. You can tell it is made of very natural, quality ingredients and not filled with any other juices or fillers. My husband is now a user and since my son has now turned 4, he will be taking it daily to prevent future colds. I highly recommend this product!!!!

Amazon Customer

The second I start feeling sick I take this product and the next day I am almost 100%! I have two small children so getting sick is not an option. I love that this syrup is highly concentrated. My four year old son loves it too! Highly recommended!

Ricardo Golubov

It tastes like real elderberries compared to the synthetic flavored gummies. Love the flavor. It has a sweet bitter pleasant taste to it. It has Zinc which is great. It must be refrigerated after opening. Fast shipping. Good service! recommend


Having started 2018, I was determined to do whatever I could to avoid getting sick this year. So, after reading about the immune boosting properties of elderberry, I decided to try it. Well, it’s now May and I haven’t even had a cold, despite being surrounded by friends, family members, and coworkers who were hard-hit, and I think my daily dose of elderberry syrup has a lot to do with that. I’ve tried several formulations, including the gummies (which I suspect my dentist wouldn’t approve of) but I like this one best. I take it religiously, which is easy to do – only two teaspoons a day (it comes with a little measuring cup) and it’s totally delicious! I’ve even added it to seltzer water and drizzled it over ice cream! I’m so glad I decided to try elderberry and I’m so happy with this brand, which I will continue to take not just during the season but all year long.

Janet Bee

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