Janet Bee

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Having started 2018, I was determined to do whatever I could to avoid getting sick this year. So, after reading about the immune boosting properties of elderberry, I decided to try it.

Well, it’s now May and I haven’t even had a cold, despite being surrounded by friends, family members, and coworkers who were hard-hit, and I think my daily dose of elderberry syrup has a lot to do with that.

I’ve tried several formulations, including the gummies (which I suspect my dentist wouldn’t approve of) but I like this one best. I take it religiously, which is easy to do – only two teaspoons a day (it comes with a little measuring cup) and it’s totally delicious! I’ve even added it to seltzer water and drizzled it over ice cream! I’m so glad I decided to try elderberry and I’m so happy with this brand, which I will continue to take not just during the season but all year long.

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