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Elderberry from Farm to Bottle

PROVEZZA’s elderberry ingredients are extracted in Italy with precision technology to deliver the highest standards of quality, then bottled and safety tested in the USA. We keep our formula simple due to the natural power of elderberries to enhance immune support* and do not dilute with fillers or non-essential ingredients.

Not all elderberry products are created equal, and PROVEZZA’s team has used a knowledgeable and sophisticated approach to crop selection, industry-leading extraction technology, and an expertly-formulated syrup with a delicious taste!

Packed with polyphenols from rich anthocyanin content, PROVEZZA uses the same European black elderberry that has been used for centuries in Europe as a means of natural support for the immune system.*

Premium Formulation

PROVEZZA uses only the finest European black elderberries with 2.1g of our Premium Elderberry Blend in every serving. We add zinc to enhance immune support.*

Sophisticated Approach

Our precision extraction technology in Italy retains the natural strength of the elderberries and provides over 30mg of polyphenols per serving from rich anthocynanin content.

Easy And Delicious

Our syrup is easy to consume and tastes delicious. The thick consistency coats the receptors in your mouth and throat. Both adults and children love PROVEZZA.

Focused Exclusively on Elderberry

Only the finest European black elderberries, extracted and concentrated with correct precision, deliver the full promise of natural immune system support.* Following extensive market research and a review of available science on elderberry, PROVEZZA was created to offer a premium elderberry formula with concentrated doses of European black elderberry and supporting ingredients. PROVEZZA is the only supplement brand focused exclusively on elderberry, providing expert knowledge and a line of the most sophisticated elderberry products available. PROVEZZA’s great tasting syrup has a smooth consistency and thickness to coat your mouth and throat and is safe for adults and children.


Your kids absorb everything about the world around them—including the air around them and the surfaces they encounter. Their developing immune systems and exposure to environments like school and childcare can create fatigue and tax their body’s natural ability to stay healthy. Seasonal changes and back to school are especially important times of the year when your little one’s immune system may need an extra boost. Provezza’s Premium Elderberry Formula is an all-natural, great-tasting supplement to support their immune system in every season. Elderberries are rich in potent polyphenols, providing the best Mother Nature has to offer to help your child stay healthy.

Your child’s immune system is their first line of defense. The immune system is comprised of multiple types of cells, organs, tissues, and proteins, making it one of the body’s most comprehensive functions. When the immune system is overtaxed, it needs reinforcements and support. This is when you may notice a cough, a runny nose, or a tired kid. These are all indications that their little body is working hard to get rid of something. There are several ways you can help support your child’s healthy immune system, including making sure they get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and wash their hands often. There are several important nutrients and plant-based extracts that provide support to the immune system.  One of the most important extracts is elderberry due to its rich polyphenolic content.  

For centuries, Europeans have turned to elderberry to improve the health of their families. Native to the region, European black elderberries contain a high anthocyanin content, which are a uniquely beneficial category of polyphenols that are packed with antioxidants. These natural compounds provide enhanced immune support the way Mother Nature intended it.

Your family’s health is our mission at Provezza. We use only the finest quality European black elderberries and industry-leading technology to formulate our highly concentrated, great-tasting syrup. We enhance our syrup with zinc for an added immunity boost, but never dilute with non-essential ingredients or fillers. Every serving of our formula contains 2.1 grams of premium elderberry blend and over 30 mg of polyphenols. Give your body the tools it needs to support immune response with Provezza’s Premium Elderberry Syrup.

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